Sunday, 12 July 2009

Summer Adventure

At exactly 4:17 am, I finally managed to convince my cousin to get off my back and let me get some sleep. Only to be woken up exactly 2 hours later by a phone call from my aunt, to say that I FREAKED OUT would be an understatement. I answered the phone to hear my cousin screaming excitedly,

Me: "Haaa? What ay ba7ar?"
Me: "Mmmm, Laish? Shinsawii?"
Me: "Ay duwarif? Ish7aga? Ishfeekum?"
Me: "Mhhmmm ok"

I check my phone and realise that it was on vibrate I had 6 missed calls, 2 messenger messages and 3 messages on my BBM. I close my eyes and begin to realise the converstation so I call my aunt back

Sleeping ...

Me: "Aloo, Haa ishfeekum shino?"
Aunt: "Eee yumaa i7na binroo7 intarayag"

Sleeping ...

Aunt: "Yalla goomay! i7na yayeen! Libsaay ayshay w yibay outfit 3ashan ba3dain ni6la3"
Me: "Ok yalla!"

So I wake up, scramble out of bed and pull on whatever I can find laying on the couch put on my sandels madri ish7aga mu the flip flops bas anyway! Go to the bathroom and got my morning business over with. Got a pfone call from my aunt telling me that they're outside waiting for me. So I get my bag and tip toe outside hoping the father who was sleeping on the couch doesn't hear me. Unlock the door and go outside only to find the gate locked! So I drop my luggage (haha) and run back inside look for the key in the living room bas maku so I run to parent's bedroom and take my mother's bag outside and start looking for it, I find it go back outside unlock the door and run back inside to put the key back in the room! I DID IT!! ALL WITHOUT WAKING UP ANYONNE!! I SNUUCKKK OUT OF MYY HOUSE! Well ya3ni mu snuck out I left a note for my parents plus they didn't even notice I was gone =p

So we pick up Periwinkle and go to the duwarif ilee ib sha6i2 anjifa. The swing are ridiculously idiotic they're not even swings bas monkey bars I went on one and went on the slide! Ba3dain in the parking lot there was a girl wearing a 3abaya and oversized dark shades, and talking on the phone there was a guy sitting on the bench so we jumped to the conclusion inna they're together w he told her not to come cause we were there 3ugub a few minutes of going crazy we decicded inna we needed action so we were gonna go to the back and let the girl come we go and start walking wila the girl is sittttiiing!! With another guy!! AHAHAHA we were like super duper excited ba3dain we decided we wanted a better play gorund! My aunt galat inrou7 Sha6i2 shuwaaaikh (ahahaha sha6i2, I just learnt the word this morning). 6ab3an kil il nas ilee imuroon look at us like we're crazy w i7na 9ij we were! When we finally reach the sha6i2 w decide not to go w inroo7 The National Museum of Kuwait.

Bas the museum is closed and opens at 8:30 am, ya3ni we were very early! So we go to sul6an sharq to get breakfast and we eat blah blah blah .. Yada yada yada!

At the museum we walk in bil 7aarr and go see the rocks and doors of old Kuwait ba3dain the statues of the old life! THEY ARE SCAAAAARRY!! Kina binroo7 il Planetarium wela its CLOSED FOR VACTION AHAHAHA chinna fee nas iyoon 3ashan il employees take vacation aslan MAKU EMPLOYEEES! Bas wa7id! After that we decide to go to Scientific Center!

At Scientific Center we were fighting on where to go after a lot of fighting we decide to cut off IMAX from the plan and go to the Discovery w Aquarium. 6ab3an to our utter dismay all the good games bil discovery were gone!!! It was horrible very boring and most of the stuff don't work!! The people who work at the scientific center were all young people la2anna its summer w i7na kina broo7na w fa9leen laughing our asses off and doing crazy shit singing, dancing, laughing and even screaming like little kids! The workers desperate for something to do became our unofficial companions they followed us everywhere and laughed with us bas mostly AT US! At the discovery yalina the dude and was like
"Shino abrajkum"
"Haa, What?, Shino" was what he got.
Ba3dain after a few seconds I understood the question and answered "Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn and another Capricorn"
the dude was like "Ok, Taboon awareekum Star Show?"
"Ok ni6raw digeega"

2 minutes later
Scientific Dude: "Bas fee puppet show 7ag il 9'3aeer bitshoofoona wela anadeekumk ba3dain?"

We walk in and watch the show about this kandari dude and a skater boy who's wasting water w il camel and the Kuwait Towers yell at him for doing that "You dumb dumb boy" was what they say "We make water drop by drop" was the theme song.

At the Aquarium ...
We walked and laughed and screamed and laughed and yelled and did funny faces and spoke to the fish calling the Gangster and Marina Hairstyle. Ba3daaaaiiiin wi9alna 7ag ... *Drum Roll please*

THE PENGUIIIINSSSSS!!!!! *Tatatatataaaaa* .. The Scientific dudes were standing by the tank
They were Soooooooooooo adorable and cute!! They were hungry and when you put your finger 3ala the tank the follow it and they wanna eat it! I taught them a triiiickkk!! The incy wincy spider song TRIIICKK! Ana asawii the incy wincy song motions on the tank and they follow my hand!! In the water and ouuutt, up and down! The guys told us that we could name them and were telling us about them and were laughing at jokes and even making jokes. Ba3dain we went to see the SHAAARKSS the scientific dudes told us the sharks names "Bandar, Bibi and Nashmi" they were named after people who won in a contest they showed us the teeth and which one just bites you and which one cuts you in half!

In the end it was a very very fun daay and we made new friends ... Scietific dudes, 9a3eedi dudes, sul6an manager, Penguiiiiiiiins, The Sharks Bandar, Bibi and Nashmi and the Sting Ray with a smiley faace!! Go out and make friends kids =)

Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today.


  1. LIKE YOU WON'T BEEELIEEVVVVEE!!!! I RECOMMENED THIS TO EVVEERRYYONE WHO'S FEELING DOWN AND HAS NOTHING TO DO!! Bas Make sure inna your parents wouldn't mind you going out with the people even if they didn't know! Yallllaaa post soooon I cant waiiiiiit!!


  2. ahh!.. spontaneous outings are most fun in random places! 7adkom maku she'3l but what a day to break the boring routine (:

  3. AHAHAA!! Yes we were very spontaneous! And yes 7ADDA maku shi'3il lol the people thought we were really crazy! It was fun to do and say whatever without caring what anyone thought, people actually enjoy being around that too :P .. You should try it