Sunday, 12 July 2009

Summer Adventure

At exactly 4:17 am, I finally managed to convince my cousin to get off my back and let me get some sleep. Only to be woken up exactly 2 hours later by a phone call from my aunt, to say that I FREAKED OUT would be an understatement. I answered the phone to hear my cousin screaming excitedly,

Me: "Haaa? What ay ba7ar?"
Me: "Mmmm, Laish? Shinsawii?"
Me: "Ay duwarif? Ish7aga? Ishfeekum?"
Me: "Mhhmmm ok"

I check my phone and realise that it was on vibrate I had 6 missed calls, 2 messenger messages and 3 messages on my BBM. I close my eyes and begin to realise the converstation so I call my aunt back

Sleeping ...

Me: "Aloo, Haa ishfeekum shino?"
Aunt: "Eee yumaa i7na binroo7 intarayag"

Sleeping ...

Aunt: "Yalla goomay! i7na yayeen! Libsaay ayshay w yibay outfit 3ashan ba3dain ni6la3"
Me: "Ok yalla!"

So I wake up, scramble out of bed and pull on whatever I can find laying on the couch put on my sandels madri ish7aga mu the flip flops bas anyway! Go to the bathroom and got my morning business over with. Got a pfone call from my aunt telling me that they're outside waiting for me. So I get my bag and tip toe outside hoping the father who was sleeping on the couch doesn't hear me. Unlock the door and go outside only to find the gate locked! So I drop my luggage (haha) and run back inside look for the key in the living room bas maku so I run to parent's bedroom and take my mother's bag outside and start looking for it, I find it go back outside unlock the door and run back inside to put the key back in the room! I DID IT!! ALL WITHOUT WAKING UP ANYONNE!! I SNUUCKKK OUT OF MYY HOUSE! Well ya3ni mu snuck out I left a note for my parents plus they didn't even notice I was gone =p

So we pick up Periwinkle and go to the duwarif ilee ib sha6i2 anjifa. The swing are ridiculously idiotic they're not even swings bas monkey bars I went on one and went on the slide! Ba3dain in the parking lot there was a girl wearing a 3abaya and oversized dark shades, and talking on the phone there was a guy sitting on the bench so we jumped to the conclusion inna they're together w he told her not to come cause we were there 3ugub a few minutes of going crazy we decicded inna we needed action so we were gonna go to the back and let the girl come we go and start walking wila the girl is sittttiiing!! With another guy!! AHAHAHA we were like super duper excited ba3dain we decided we wanted a better play gorund! My aunt galat inrou7 Sha6i2 shuwaaaikh (ahahaha sha6i2, I just learnt the word this morning). 6ab3an kil il nas ilee imuroon look at us like we're crazy w i7na 9ij we were! When we finally reach the sha6i2 w decide not to go w inroo7 The National Museum of Kuwait.

Bas the museum is closed and opens at 8:30 am, ya3ni we were very early! So we go to sul6an sharq to get breakfast and we eat blah blah blah .. Yada yada yada!

At the museum we walk in bil 7aarr and go see the rocks and doors of old Kuwait ba3dain the statues of the old life! THEY ARE SCAAAAARRY!! Kina binroo7 il Planetarium wela its CLOSED FOR VACTION AHAHAHA chinna fee nas iyoon 3ashan il employees take vacation aslan MAKU EMPLOYEEES! Bas wa7id! After that we decide to go to Scientific Center!

At Scientific Center we were fighting on where to go after a lot of fighting we decide to cut off IMAX from the plan and go to the Discovery w Aquarium. 6ab3an to our utter dismay all the good games bil discovery were gone!!! It was horrible very boring and most of the stuff don't work!! The people who work at the scientific center were all young people la2anna its summer w i7na kina broo7na w fa9leen laughing our asses off and doing crazy shit singing, dancing, laughing and even screaming like little kids! The workers desperate for something to do became our unofficial companions they followed us everywhere and laughed with us bas mostly AT US! At the discovery yalina the dude and was like
"Shino abrajkum"
"Haa, What?, Shino" was what he got.
Ba3dain after a few seconds I understood the question and answered "Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn and another Capricorn"
the dude was like "Ok, Taboon awareekum Star Show?"
"Ok ni6raw digeega"

2 minutes later
Scientific Dude: "Bas fee puppet show 7ag il 9'3aeer bitshoofoona wela anadeekumk ba3dain?"

We walk in and watch the show about this kandari dude and a skater boy who's wasting water w il camel and the Kuwait Towers yell at him for doing that "You dumb dumb boy" was what they say "We make water drop by drop" was the theme song.

At the Aquarium ...
We walked and laughed and screamed and laughed and yelled and did funny faces and spoke to the fish calling the Gangster and Marina Hairstyle. Ba3daaaaiiiin wi9alna 7ag ... *Drum Roll please*

THE PENGUIIIINSSSSS!!!!! *Tatatatataaaaa* .. The Scientific dudes were standing by the tank
They were Soooooooooooo adorable and cute!! They were hungry and when you put your finger 3ala the tank the follow it and they wanna eat it! I taught them a triiiickkk!! The incy wincy spider song TRIIICKK! Ana asawii the incy wincy song motions on the tank and they follow my hand!! In the water and ouuutt, up and down! The guys told us that we could name them and were telling us about them and were laughing at jokes and even making jokes. Ba3dain we went to see the SHAAARKSS the scientific dudes told us the sharks names "Bandar, Bibi and Nashmi" they were named after people who won in a contest they showed us the teeth and which one just bites you and which one cuts you in half!

In the end it was a very very fun daay and we made new friends ... Scietific dudes, 9a3eedi dudes, sul6an manager, Penguiiiiiiiins, The Sharks Bandar, Bibi and Nashmi and the Sting Ray with a smiley faace!! Go out and make friends kids =)

Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today.

Saturday, 27 June 2009

Hypothetical question

Well here's a question for you find the answer, this isn't an original question that i came up with but a question i found on a blog i enjoy BRAYN BOY! Walla I love this guy he's soo cool i think ;p its awsome what he gets to do blogging about fashion, becoming famous for it and getting invited to all these cool fashion stuff! Aaaahh if only ..

So here's the question:

If your closet were to explode leaving you with no clothes absolutley NOTHING and you got to choose a house to dress you, giving you everything shoes, bags and clothes who would you choose? Here's the catch its ONE house for the REST OF YOUR LIFE

Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you die today.



Wednesday, 24 June 2009

And we're BACK

So I haven't posted in a million years! I'm sucking I know walla I know! Its just that nothing interesting is happening in my life or the lives of those around me. I have nothing to talk, gossip, 7in or it7al6am about! I don't know what happened to me I lost my cool! I didn't used to be like this! I always have something to say! Bas al7een I feel so empty, void, VACUMM! I lose track of time so easily everything just seems so surreal ya3ni I could be doing something and having so much fun while doing it bas as soon as its over khala9 it feels like a million years ago. Damn I have no life, the thing I have that poorly resembles a life and it's controlled and restrained by routine! I wake up do the shit go sleep and wake up to do the same shit again university, eating and sleeping. Mind you when I say university I don't mean the actual work no, I mean the getting up getting dressed and sitting there all day. I'm lacking off so much madree laish! What do people with lives do? How do they get a life? I wanna take art lessons, photography classes, volunteer at the children's ward in the hospital or at the nursing home! You'd think that will all the nothing I have to do I'd find the time to do one of those things, but NO! No time I have all this nothing to do! We're moving and its hectic even though I'm not doing a lot of work the fact that I'm all over the place with no sign of stability is exhausting enough!

I finished university last week madri the week before! I'm borred out of my mind! My birthday is in exactly a week 7 DAAAYYYS BAAABBBYYYY! The big ONE EIGHT DAARRLIINGG .. I got good grades I did worse than last semester which is very ironic really I enjoyed ditching university and going to swim at my friend's pool once and ditching class to just and play UNO a few times I don't understand why we HAVE to attend and we suffer consequences if we don't ya3ni does my attendance really matter if I'm doing my work and getting the grades ehh what the hell everything else is stupid yat 3ala university!!

Im back! Soo more posts to come ..

lots a' love

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Time for change .. don't you think?

I read this article written by Jaafar Rajab and I have no words to describe it is truly amazing. I find it absolutely true and agree with everything he said, seriously laih muta w we live like this. I think it is time for change don't you? Very inspirational ..


In Kuwait, columnist Ja'afar Rajab instructed the region's citizens to rise to America's example. "The people that make their own history produce not only historical men, but men that make history as well. That is how nations make their history while we continue to make a history of quicksand," Rajab wrote in Al-Rai al-Aam, adding:

[W]hen [Americans] carry the slogan of change, the sons hold the hands of their white fathers to change their white opinions because they want to vote for their children and their futures -- while the 'lost' peoples have fathers who drag their children like 'goats' to vote according to the tribal, sectarian or partisan whims of the fathers! ... There are no constants in America except that America and everything else in the world changes. The Americans keep abreast of this change and so they remain ahead of everyone else while the rest of the people, who believe changes are blasphemous, remain standing still in their outdated clothes looking like a scarecrow in an empty field!

As for us Arabs, we must curse the Americans out of envy because we believe that America is Masonic and that elections are only a hoax managed by Jews and that Obama and McCain are two faces of the same coin and that Obama will not change his policies towards us. We have yet to realize that when we start looking at all people as equal, when we stop distributing and retracting citizenship as if it was a cinema ticket, when we start believing that change is the only constant in life and stop holding on to the past, and when we believe in the humanity of all people, and in the will and freedom of individuals, then and only then will the world change the way it looks at us! The scene that stirred my emotions the most was that of a young American woman who shouted in front of the cameras: 'we changed the world.' She pushed me to wonder: what did we ever change, other than the diapers of our children!

Sunday, 8 March 2009

we're at the avenues halla'a!!
Dude, *unkown person * who will be remained unkown, is so PMSing madri 3ala shnu! Ya3ni abee akil, yo3ana wallah matkhaleena ingoolaha nabee nakil! Ra7 tithba7ny.
Angel is saying tabe it6ib min foug! Tara ghabeya wallah 7addha airhead yabeelha a puinch in the face min kither ma ihya ghabeya!
Tawwa 3gaidy yallina chan ygool, "shakilkum jayeen ga9ib" kan ykhare3 shwayya uhwa W his tight pants, 9ara7a they tutned me on. Notice my sarcasm.
Fe wa7ed jidaamy chinna pokemon. Oo we saw girls they dyed their hair blonde oo fe extension black 6weel?
We went to Debenhams oo I tried on all the colours of eyeshadow 3ala my hand from Make up Forever. Oo I tried on the black Yves Saint Laurent lipgloss, I looked like a vampire to say the least oo ba3dain another 3gaidy guiy came and said, "mala da3ee il mikyaaaj, 7ilweeen 7ilweeen!"
Scary people.


Monday, 2 March 2009

Damn people ..

OK ..... So there's something that REALLLY REAAAALLLY REEEAAAAALLLLYY gets on my nerves every time!!! It gets to me every time I hear it and shows me just how stupid, idiotic, unneducated and ignorant some people are!! Wtf am I talking about you ask I'll tell you the comment people or mostly guys make when they hear me and my friends talking in english!! SHISALFAA PEOPLE! Yeah I know how to talk english and yeah I was just talking english!! WTF is your problem!? ISH7ARRKUUUM!? W il mushikila inna it's the same comment over and over!!!! They either repeat what I said or say "Ya3nii ana ilee atkalam engilaizy" 3amma ib 3ainik ana agool or make a dumb comment! Gosh you have no idea how angry it makes me ya3ni when I heard it once or twice even madree how many times I was willing to let it slip but I've heard it so many times I've lost count I get everytime I'm out! 
The other day I was at chocolate bar bidi3 and on the way out I was going on an on about something to my cousins in English as usal! Two guys sitting at the table outside made a comment about what I said and I swear to god I was about to throw the water bottle in my hand at them which was OPEN btw But I didn't! I made a comment that his tiny brain would never understand called him a freak gave him a dirty look and walked away! Ya3ni seriously ISHFEEE YOUR MOM!? I know ishfeeha she didn't raise you proparly! Damn these people such a shame to this country malat!

Another thing that pisses the hell out me is when I fight with someone a girl and then after the fight she sees me and says hi! ISHFEE UMMICH!? EVER HEARD OF THE WORD DIGNITY? I don't think soooo! I would get it if she apologized first bas other than that why the hell would it even occur to that non existing brain of yours that I would want you to say hi to me? I would really like to know that. You see when I fought with you and said what I said i didn't just say random shit I meant every word and you need to apologize to me sincerely before you can talk to me again or come up to me and say hi! The nerve of some people makes me sick Ble33.

Friday, 20 February 2009

Ramblings!!!! ....

We were at my gram's place the other day just sitting around when I remember inna I was craving Baskin Robbins so in an attempt to sneek out bidoon fithayi7 i tell angel that I wanna go to BR! W 3ala ma ifhamat shino BR I was gonna die faaa I had to just say it Baskin Robbins w everyone laughed shway cause they realised inna BR was Basking robbins I was ike 9aba7 il 5air w my face went like "-.-" literally! Anywaaay so I run up stairs grab my dad's keys w un down the stairs 6ab3an Periwinkle did NOT want to come cause she's scared of angel's driving and we had to literally pull her off the couch and drag her out of the house and push her into the car and again my expression turned into -.- .. ya3nii jeeeez! Nizalna Baskin Robbins 6ab3an it is EXTREMELY tiny and can get very crowded and noisy. We start talking and talking about anything and everything we were laughing and stuff not realising how LOUD we were lmao! Ya3nii the sentence"kinna imsaween iz3aaaj!!" wouldn't begin to describe what we did! We were arguing on what to have and talking about all the flavours until it was our turn 

Periwinkle: Mint and chocolate chip one scoop!! with the widest grin I think I've ever seen 
Me: I'll have the same please! Yalla A what do you want?
BR dude: Im sorry maaam we have no more mint and chocolate chip. We will not have for a while
Periwinkle and I: *Shock-borken heart face* WHAT!! NOOOO!! WHHHHYY?
BR dude: Sorry it is finished 
Me: Ya3nii  you're not going to get it anymore!!?
BR dude: We will but we are waiting
Periwinkle: For how long?
BR dude: We don't know we are waiting for stock
Me: *sad eyes* FINE!! I'll have a scoop of very berry strawberry 
Angel: Yallllaa!! My mom is waiting I have tog o gabil laa my dad i3a9ib!
Me: OKAAYY! Yalla Peri what do you want?
Periwinkle: I don't know!!
BR dude: I have one box but 2 scoops! You want?
Me and Periwinkle: Whaaaaaaatt!?
BR dude: I have only 2 scoops you want?
Periwinkle: YES YES YESSS!!!
Me: Heeey tara ra7 akil ma3aaach! W mu 3ala kaifich 
Periwinkle: Laa2!
Me: HEEY! Mu 3ala kaifich
Periwinkle: Ok
Angel: One scoop parlines and cream please

Back home
Periwinkle: OMG!!! I'm eating the last mint and chocolate chip in Kuwaaaiiit!
Me: Eeeeeeeeeee!! Omg
we know it's not bas we were too excited and didn't it to rain on our parade if so to speak!

A couple of days later
We go to the jam3iya and get more BR!! We wanted to go in but you're not allowed to bring your food from outside with you so we sneak in! While we're waiting fro my aunt to cash her stuff I was soo into my ice cream I didn't realise the guy was talking to me
Periwinkle: Heey heeyy!! mama! I mean sister MOOOVE! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! *and pulls me out of the way*
Me: Huh? Ishfeech tith7ikeen!!?
Periwinke: Hatha the hindee dude wanted to hatha pass w you were blocking the way chan igoolich sister please!
Periwinkle: Yes!
Then I start looking at the people standing at the iles some were angry some were happy some were tired and some were expressionless as my eyes were wondering around the jam3iya something caught my attention! An old man standing and cashing his things you see he cashed his things and there was no guy to put them in a plastic bag so he did w when he was done he toek the WHOLE stack of plastic bags with him! It wasn't by accident or anything he just grabbed the stack, shoved it in his bag and walked out! That was the first time I ever saw anything like that it was very ammusing to me w I see A LOT of interesting things in jam3iyas! I don't think what I'm saying makes sense bas whaevaa I hope it does!

I was at a friend's birthday party last night, the music was soo loud and i shook my haed SOOOO  much and nowI HAVE THE WORST HEADACHE EVER!! But pain aside I had a BLAST!

Til' next time